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Created by Michael Osterfeld, Scot Craig and Ron Ehemann from the recipes of Craig’s famous restaurants (Katie’s, Francesca and Bienvenue) perfected over 40 years in New Orleans, LA.  Our recipes are influenced by the unique flavors of the South including things like seafood and crawfish while offering popular items like pepperoni, supreme and margarita. 

Perfectly crispy thin crust, house made marinara sauce and fresh ingredients come together to make this literally the perfect pizza.

Our menu features all hand crafted items like wings, fried cheeses, a giant meatball, perfectly cooked pizzas and amazing desserts. 

Pizza Perfect is the perfect pizza to grow your existing restaurant business or start a new one.  We offer 2 models of business.   A licensee can add our operation to their existing restaurant with the addition of some simple equipment items.   Or, the concept be a stand alone restaurant.  

Our unique concept allows licensees to enter the market with a low cost price point.  We have one of the lowest up front starting fees in the business and we don’t charge all the fees that many franchise operations do.  We work provide training, support, all recipes, marketing materials, online marketing and digital set-up included in the monthly fees.   Our monthly royalty is between 4 – 6% depending on volume and the only other fee we charge is a 2% marketing fee and a monthly $99 fee for the POS systems.   That’s it.  Most existing restaurants can be up and running for $5000 – $10,000 within 30 days and make their initial investment back within 2 months. (See financial projections). 



Louisiana, Mississippi and
Illinios available for licensing.

Currently we are seeking licensees in LA, MS and IL.   Each licensee will have the opportunity to choose their area (based on availability) and lock in their market  (Based on terms of the agreement). 

This does not consititute an offer of license to any person.



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    Complete Call With Specialist

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    Submit Text Application

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    Complete Qualification Process

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    Attend Exploratory Meeting

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    Finalize License Approval

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We are a brand built in the digital age.  With that, we have created a system that is a hybrid of many concepts.  All of our training is online and based on video tutorials with support from a dedicated specialist. 

All of our marketing processes are based on 3rd party delivery applications, search and social media advertising so that we reach as many people as effectively as possible.  Every marketing dollar is spent to increase revenue.



We pride ourselves on our support and training that we provide to our licensee operating partners.  Our training program takes weeks, not months like some others, and can all be done online through our Pizza Perfect University.   

Support is offered for things like training, ordering, and digital marketing assistance through our help center and is available daily from 8am to 5pm CST and based in Chicago. 




Our process of qualification is done on an individual basis.  Operators that have more experience in restaurant operations will need less training than those with extensive experience.  

Previous restaurant operations experience, preferably within a single or multi-unit pizza operation is preferred.  However, we will work with new entrepreneurs who are highly motivated. 

For more detailed list of qualifications and operational requirements please complete our inquiry form.  


Our system is created to work as both an additional concept in an existing business or as stand alone business. We have also created all of our products to travel well for delivery and support all 6 of the major delivery applications. 

No.  Our menus is designed by a chef with over 40 years of experience and these recipes have been tested and perfected over those years.  Recipes cannot be altered and the menu is the same based on region.   As is standard with any franchise or license agreement

Franchising requires a significant up front investment that can be tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We created Pizza Perfect to fit the current digital age mold of hybrid restaurants focused on great products, simple ingredients, online training, great digital marketing and low entry cost to allow our brand to grow with partners (licensees). 

Yes.  Our dough is prepared with carefully selected vegetarian friendly ingredients for the best crispy crust you can get. 

Because our products are prepared in kitchen that do have allergens in them it is possible that the products may be exposed to things like seafood, peanut oil and other allergens.  We recommend talking to your local restaurants to confirm any special dietary needs. 

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